Everyday is a brand new day


HELLO 2018

A Happy New Year! 



How have you been so far?
Today I want to write about the importance of reflection, and the idea to implement a better reflection.


Recently I have been really interested in and thinking of what learning is, mainly because my job is a teacher who is supposed to organize learnings of pupils.


However, honestly speaking, I’ve recently realized I don’t know very much about what learning is, because what I have learned at graduated school to be a teacher was not "learning" but “English education”, which must potentially include the idea of learning though. I’ve come to understand how little I know about learning theories.


So I studied some theories of learning and try to figure out what it is.


Then I reached a theory called experiential learning.
Do you know about it?


It is a holistic model of the learning process by David A. Kolb.


He theorized how people learn through discovery or experience:
1. Concrete Experience
2. Reflective Observation
3. Abstract Conceptualization
4. Active Experimentation
5. (1. )Concrete Experience
6. (2.) ...

1. 具体的経験
2. 内省的観察
3. 抽象概念化
4. 能動的実験
5. (1. )具体的経験
6. (2.) ...

Let me think of an example.


When a baseball kid who had a practice yesterday(1.) wrote down about the practice reflecting how his performance was(2.). Then he realized that he was good at bunt only when he was trying to watch the ball behind the bat(3.), so he decided to keep watching the ball behind the bat and did it actually(4.&1.).


Most importantly, just experiencing something could not be a learning in this theory, and I think it true.


In my view point, if you are not too lazy for yourself, the most important part of the process is 2, reflection, and this process is what we often miss in a dairy life. As we see above, reflection is the beginning of learning.


After I learned it, I often have the opportunity to reflect myself about what I had experienced and how I acted in the experience.


As a few times passed, I felt such a fuzzy feeling that it might go with a pointless reflection. I just looked back the activities and had a few opinions about it. I missed something. I considered of what I missed in my reflection.


Then an idea comes up to me; the point we should reflect is not just “activities” but also “GOAL” or “PURPOSE” of the activities; what I missed was the idea about WHAT I reflect.


This is obvious when it comes to class.
I often set the opportunities to let students reflect themselves with their GOAL or PURPOSE, but I did not adapt it for myself.


Now it is the beginning of 2018, at the same time, the end of its first month.


If you have not reflected yourself of 2017 yet, I strongly recommend you to do it, because reflecting is the very beginning of a learning.
(Even though you say “it is OK for me. I do not have to do it because I do it everyday”, I will keep recommending you because I think it different: everyday reflection is a short term-daily activity reflection, and a year reflection is a long term-life reflection, so both are important.)

And, if you have not set your GOAL of 2018, I want you to do it, because it would help you to reflect yourself more concretely when you have the opportunity to reflect yourself in a year.


If you think a life with a lot of learnings is a more sophisticated one, I want you to reflect your time a lot.
It is because reflection is the beginning of learning, and it can make our life more sophisticated.


As a food becomes rich taste, your life can become so, when you take time to reflect yourself.


I know it takes time.


It takes time, so it becomes rich.