Everyday is a brand new day



This month, I went to Kyoto to see the ex-coworkers.
I felt weird to realize that it's been almost two months since I left the previous school.
Today I want to write about something important reminded when I saw them.


The days I had been in the previous school gave me a concept that I would like to educate in children.


That's "INQUIRY", one of the essentially important concepts for education, which I was luckily able to learn at the previous school. People call it "TANKYU".


TANKYU is a process of making answers for unprepared questions by oneself.


Simply speaking, in this context, "Unprepared questions" are the questions that people think it not easy to make a definitive answer to the question.


I think it totally difficult to set this kind of question in class, even though preparing the question itself is a great opportunity for children to educate oneself; that's why lots of schools prepare the question in advance.


However, this doesn't mean we don't have to have a great educational opportunity, TANKYU, because what we can learn by it is not short-term knowledge, but lifelong skills to live better in this complex and complicated world.


Therefore I consider how I can adapt "TANKYU" into the daily classes, and found one of the ways.


I found that we can do "TANKYU" activity in a daily class if we change the definition of "unprepared question" a little.


Originally, "unprepared questions" are "the questions that people think it not easy to make a definitive answer to the question."


I change the definition into "the questions that students get it by themselves in themselves and try to find answers, whether or not people think it easy or difficult."


This is not an original idea of TANKYU, so I can't call it TANKYU anymore. Therefore I would like to call it "TANKYU TEKI SHIKOU", "INQUIRING MIND", which every teacher can pay attention to and can be better for students' heart and mind when you talk with your students.


"INQUIRING MIND" is "a mind of a process of making answers for unprepared questions, which students get them by themselves in themselves and try to find answers".


I want to be a teacher who can teach this idea to a lot of people, especially teachers.