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The differences between EnglishES are interesting. 

One example is the deferences between American English and British English.
I have never paid attention to the details of the aspects of speaking, i mean I have thought that the accent is different (i.e. you don't pronounce "r" sound unless it appear at the first letter in British English.), but the intonations are totally different from each other; you have high degree of the deference of intonation in American English
今まで、スピーキングに関して、あまり詳しく考えたことがありませんでした。というのも、アクセントの違い(イギリス英語は、rの音は単語の最初の音は発音するが後に来る時に発音しない 等)とかは考えてましたが、イントネーションも全く違うんですよね。アメリカ英語は高低差がすごく激しい。
Here we can see how it can be different from each other. 
What i'm interested in most is that the way how British people in this youtube video vocalized American English
They may be exaggerated but very comprehensible to understand the difference between those two languages.
Plus, I think it funny because we also talk about this kind of things in Japanese, the difference between Kansai and Kanto dialects. 
These are just dialect, but the differences between EnglishES go beyond national borders.
and language is always with its culture, which means there are some cultural differences between Kansai and Kanto in a similar way that Britain and America are different.
The time when we communicate with Japanese people also would be an intercultural communication even though we are the same nationality.