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One of the things that has been surrounding English eduction is the debate about that the English is the subject of liberal arts or skill-oriented.

I think BOTH is the answer.
僕は 両方 が答えだと思う。

When it comes to the aspect of skill-oriented, English subject is fundamentally hard for students, because this means that they are required to ACQIRE the skills: THAT students would be required to play sports completely well is to PE, what THAT students are required to acquire the skiils is to English.

In view of this, teachers essentially need to be a COACH for the students' English skill training.

If it is a club activity, there's just a way for students, which is "DO or DON'T", because they have their goals as a club.

However, since it is a subject for which not all the students are highly motivated to acquire English skills, it's not easy for teachers to make them study and use English in class.

But, i would say it's true that most of them, in fact, want to acquire those English skills.

What teachers need to do is that not to ask them "will you DO or DON'T", but diagnose them asking "what made you DON'T", then help them to increase what they can do with their own situations.

Counseing is an essential factor when teachers want to educate the students.